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Sweet six-person room

Elegant double room

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Chientan Overseas Youth Activity Center is on the west bank of the Keelung River in Taipei City. It provides dining and accommodation go to this site writing letters of inquiry click this for up to 1,000 people. It is composed of three areas, including the education, accommodation, and meeting area. The education blog link writing and essay resource area is a tranquil place near Chientan Lake. The buildings in the accommodation area are five to ten floors high. Also, there is a wide lawn nearby where guests can enjoy fantastic views of Guanyin Mountain and other mountains around Danshui River in this area. Meeting area has a high-ceiling lobby, which can be used to entertain huge crowds of people or hold exhibitions. Many touristic hot spots are near this place, like Shilin Night Market, Yangming Mountain and Danshui Old Street, making Chientan Overseas Youth Activity Center a famous residence for travelers. Relax and enjoy your trip here!

※ We’ll provide twin rooms, double rooms, quad rooms, and six-person rooms and all the accommodations will be arranged by random. There are a 32- inch LCD TV, an air conditioner, a bathroom, toiletries (with hand towels, but no shaver), a hair dryer, closets, vanities, duvets, bottled waters (except six-person room), instant coffee, and tea bags in each room.


met1-1Facilities in Chientan Overseas Youth Activity Center include an auditorium, a social lounge, a ballroom, a lecture auditorium, and many classrooms. Our big events including the welcome party, and opening ceremony will all take place in the auditorium, which can accommodate up to 800 people. In the auditorium there is a 360°screen, a professional control room, stage lights, speakers, and microphones. Most workshops and lectures will be held in the classrooms or in the lecture auditorium. The classrooms may accommodate from 30 up to 80 people, depending on their size; while the lecture auditorium has capacity for up to 160 people.