World Congress 2017

IPSF World Congress is an annual event hosted in different countries every summer. It aims for the participants not only to keep pace with the latest pharmaceutical developments but also to acquire culture shock through sharing with other participants. Pharmaceutical students from all over the world gather together to acquire new knowledge, share their accomplishments and extend their networks. This year, the 63rd IPSF World Congress will take place in Taipei, Taiwan. On this small beautiful island at eastern Asia, hundreds of pharmaceutical students will spend a wonderful 10 days together.

In 1997, World Health Organization (WHO) has come up with the concept of “7 star pharmacists”, which describes that the ideal of pharmacists fitting with the needs of modern society should be a caregiver, decision-maker, communicator, leader, manager, life-long-learner and a teacher. Therefore, we came up with the central idea of this World Congress, “Social Pharmacy”.

We will present the participants with symposiums and workshops in a variety of fields, including themes combing pharmacy and sociology, like Precision Medicine, Pharmacoepidemiology, and Health Technology Assessment. Furthermore, participants will also have the chance to discuss with the speakers and other participants some new trends of pharmacists’ services, like Long-term Care, Self-medication, Patient education, and many more. These fields are not only the latest trends in pharmacy world but also well-discussed in recent International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Congress. We hope that our future pharmacists could get closer to a “7 star pharmacist” through these lectures.

Furthermore, there will be various activities preparing our future pharmacists for the real world. A variety of competitions, including Patients’ Counseling Event, Clinical Skills Events, Compounding Events and Poster Competitions, are aimed for the participants to show their knowledge and skills of pharmacy. On-site-visits to the hospitals or pharmaceutical industries will let the participants have a peak at the ecology of Taiwanese pharmacists. Specially designed experiments of Chinese traditional herbal medicine will not only feature cultural differences in Taiwanese pharmacy but also provide the participants other possibilities of their careers.

Moreover, to set a role model of pharmacists, participants will have the chance to interact with general publics through the public health campaign and run a marathon. This year we plan to have most of the participants join the public health campaign. There will be stands of different health-related issues and stage performances attracting people. In that way, the participants get to spread health-related knowledge and show an attitude of healthy life-style.

Beside the academic activities, there will also be many social events delighting the nights. Welcome Party will break the ice between the strangers. International night, where the participants will share the world their own culture and have a taste of other cultures, is a great feature of the IPSF WC. Various theme parties get people know more about one another. Participants will have the chance to get great bargains and to devote to the IPSF at the same time at Auction Night. Excursion day will show the participants around in Taipei, which is the capital of Taiwan and is a city with the conflicted beauty of modern and tradition. Finally, at Gala Night, which is always the most expected, participants will attend with their finest clothes, dance and have fun till the end of the Congress.

Plus, participants can also join Leaders in Training (LIT) and Coaching on International Relations (CIR) before the congress if they wish to know more about IPSF. Reception Committees will also lead the participants of Post Congress Tour (PCT) to many pretty corners in Taiwan, bringing the participants deeper cultural experiences of the island.