Tainan: Anping Old Fort (Fort Zeelandia)

Anping Old Fort-1Anping Old Fort, also called “Taiwan City”, is the oldest castle in Taiwan. It was once the hub of trading during 16th century, and was the residence of Zheng Cheng Gong for three generations. It has become a tourist attraction today after 300 years of transition, the once all-powerful castle is now a national monument.

Anping Old Fort-2In Anping Old Fort, in addition to the possession of property exhibition, the castle is also famous for its landmark lighthouse,  where you can observe Anping District, Tainan City, and even the Taiwan Strait! Of course, you cannot miss the 300 year-old city wall, which was made with surprising materials like glutinous juice, simple black syrup, and oyster shells. Moreover, underneath the north side platform of the castle, you can clearly see a circular base. Was this an old well or are these ruins of another kind? Various scholars and experts have been debating it. The mysterious tunnel legend that has been handed down for 300 years is waiting for you!