Kaohsiung: Cijin Scenic Area

Cihou (Qihou) Fort

Cijin Scenic Area-1In the early days of Cijin’s development, military affairs were very important, and a fort was built at the peak of Cihou Mountain in the Kangxi Emperor’s reign, mainly in order to defend Kaohsiung Harbor. Most structures in the fort were built with red tiles, and are imbued with the traditional Chinese style. If you come to side walls and doors (bazimen and baziqian), the four characters in Chinese “ Zhen Zhen Tian Nan (振震天南)” are still visible – the fort has an extraordinary atmosphere. Pairs of characters have been inscribed on the walls, accompanied by inscriptions of bats in the corners, and many traditional architectural patterns can be seen on the ramparts and stairs, all of which are symbols of the Chinese style.

Rainbow Arch

Cijin Scenic Area-2Cijin Rainbow Arch is located at Section 3, Cijin Road by the Visitor Information Center in Cijin Coastal Park. Designed with the idea of the horizon between the land and the sea, it is a landscape decorated with color installation arts. Those colorful installations are as beautiful as a rainbow arch.

The birth of the rainbow arch brings new landscape elements for the Cijin Coastal Park, symbolizing the rainbow that stops by Cijin because of its beautiful coast, after the rain. It adds more oceanic and romantic feel to this lovely city in Kaohsiung.

The Cijin Rainbow Arch reminds us of our loved ones.